What to do if your vehicle breaks down?

The first few minutes after a breakdown

Your first steps after a breakdown depend on where and when it happens. A quiet residential street is one thing — a busy highway during rush hour is quite another. But either way, your safety and the safety of your passengers always come first. These 8 steps can help.

  1. Turn on your hazard lights
    This warns other drivers that something's wrong. Keep your hazards on until the car's safely out of danger.
  2. Pull over (if the car's still moving) 
    In an ideal situation, you'll want to aim for the right shoulder of the road. If you find yourself on a road that doesn't have a safe place to pull into, put on your turn signal and try to get into the right-hand lane as quickly as possible. Pulling into the left-hand shoulder is a last resort. If you're driving on residential streets, try to pull into a free parking spot or parking lot if one's nearby.
  3. Turn your wheel away from the road and put the emergency brake on
    This prevents your car from rolling if you're stuck on any kind of hill.
  4. Triple-check before getting out of the car
    Make absolutely sure the coast is clear before attempting to get out of your car, especially on a busy highway. Trust your gut here — if you feel you'd be safer in the car, go with your instincts and stay inside with your seat belt on. If you made it to the right-hand side of the road, get out through the passenger-side door. And if your engine's smoking or you see flames, get out and run to safety.
  5. Call for help
    In an emergency call 911. Otherwise, call give us a call at713-545-6826 were are standing by to help get you back on the road.  
  6. Set up your flares or triangles if you have them
    You want to put both flares behind your car (one near your vehicle, usually about 10 feet behind it, and the other one further away. 
  7.  Open your hood
    A opened hood is the universal sign of a breakdown. Once you're safely out of the car, open your hood and give us a call at713-545-6826 
  8. Wait for help
    Don't try to fix your car by yourself. Give us a call and we will send a professional mobile mechanic to get you and your family back on the road.
Fast and Friendly Service
Mobile Mechanic Houston
Fuel Delivery
Battery and Alternator Service and jumpstart
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Fast and Friendly Service

Our mobile auto repair mechanics strive to get to you as quickly as possible. Whatever your needs, we go the extra mile to provide the assistance to get you and your family safely back on the road! Give us a call and experience our fast and friendly service! 

Mobile Auto Repair

We offer a variety of mobile auto repairs for the Greater Houston area.  From repairing overheating issues, electrical repairs, lighting repairs, starting and charging repairs and steering and suspension repairs. These are just a few of the services we come fully equipped to handle. Go to our services page to learn more.         

Fuel Delivery 

Out of gas?  Our mechanics carry a supply of gasoline and diesel fuel at all times. We can also prime injection systems, replace fuel filters and diagnose other fuel system problems.  

Battery ,Alternator and Starter Service

One of the most common situations we run into are customers with dead batteries, bad starters and charging system problems.  We can diagnose and retrieve the part(s) you need to get you and your family back on the road.  

Lock Out Service

If you find that you've accidentally  locked your child or animal in the vehicle call 911.  If you've just locked your keys in the car give us a call, we can send someone out  to help. 713-545-6826

Flat Tire Service

If you find yourself with a flat, we can offer you the following services:
  • spare tire replacement
  • tire plugs
  • break loose over tightened or stripped lug nuts
  • removal of locking lug nuts
  • tools to remove spare tires from domestic trucks      and SUV's
  • remove rims that are stuck on the hub
  • Shuttle service (for instance, to get a new tire        mounted at a local tire shop)

Our mobile mechanics service the following cities: Greater Houston including Bellaire, Bunker Hill, Clear Lake Shores, Cypress, Hockley, Hempstead, Jersey Village, Downtown Houston, Friendswood, Kingwood, Hunters Creek, Hedwig, Highlands, Hockley, Humble, Katy, Magnolia, Missouri City, Pearland, Prarie View College, Pasadena, Stafford, Sugarland, South Houston, Spring, Tomball, Woodlands, Waller and West University. Also serving Bryan/College Station including  Somerville, Snook, Millican, Navasota and all points in between.

Our mobile mechanics service the following communities: Fairfield, Bridgeland, Blackhorse Ranch, Coles Crossing, Longwood Village, Rock Creek Cypress Creek Lakes, Longwood Village, Towne Lake, Lakes On Eldridge, Riata Ranch, Stone Gate, Ravensway, Parks at Arbordale, Lakes of Fairhaven, Villages of Cypress Lakes, Park Creek, Cypress Mills, Windhaven, Lakes of Rosehill, Sydney Harbour, Wortham, Twin Lakes, Stablewood Farms, Cypress Point, Canyon Lakes West, Copper Lakes, Copperfield and all of Katy and the Northwest!!!

Our mobile mechanics service the following zip codes:  77001, 77243, 77052, 77244, 77097, 77245, 77201, 77246, 77202, 77247, 77203, 77248, 77204, 77249, 77205, 77250, 77206, 77251, 77207, 77252, 77208, 77253, 77209, 77254, 77210, 77255, 77212, 77256, 77213, 77257, 77215, 77258, 77216, 77259, 77217, 77260, 77218, 77261, 77219, 77262, 77220, 77263, 77221, 77265, 77222, 77266, 77223, 77267, 77224, 77268, 77225, 77269, 77226, 77270, 77227, 77271, 77228, 77272, 77229, 77273, 77230, 77274, 77231, 77275, 77233, 77276, 77234, 77277, 77235, 77278, 77236, 77279, 77238, 77280, 77240, 77282, 77241, 77284, 77242, 77285, 77286, 77516, 77287, 77522, 77288, 77542, 77289, 77549, 77290, 77552, 77291, 77553, 77292, 77555, 77293, 77572, 77294, 77574, 77296, 77588, 77297, 77592, 77298, 77299, 77305, 77315, 77325, 77337, 77347, 77353, 77368, 77383, 77387, 77391, 77393, 77402, 77407, 77410, 77411, 77413, 77431, 77451, 77463, 77481, 77487, 77491, 77496, 77497, 77501, 77507, 77508, 77512, 77801, 77802, 77807, 77840, 77845

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